Discover How A Former Bartender And Burnt Out Customer Service Rep Went From Grinding 8+ Hours Per Day In A Job He Hated, To Quadrupling His Old Corporate Income, Working Only A Couple Hours Per Week by Using Little-Known Automated Webinars & Putting The Incredibly Lucrative Power of DUPLICATION and SYSTEMS to work for him on autopilot!

Who The Heck Is This Ryan Bevers Guy?






…And How Did He Get To Where He’s At?


Hello and welcome to my website.  My name is Ryan Bevers, and I appreciate you stopping by to check out my bio and to learn more about how I generate thousands of dollars of passive income on autopilot working from home.  If you truly want to know what to be focusing on to get your business to the next level, you are in the right place!


You have entrusted me with your time and attention and I take it seriously, so I want to do my best to provide you with over-the-top free value and assistance if you need it.



So whatever brought you here, that was the first step in plugging yourself into my painstaking, battle-tested, and easily duplicatable Top Earner Recipe for helping you generate more new leads and new customers for your business every day, and on complete autopilot so you can have a life.  And I’m positive this can work for you whether you are a season vet or a total newbie!



My ultimate goal is to help struggling entrepreneurs create passive income for yourself and your family.  And I know I have the perfect system to help you with this process.  So if this at all interests you, I encourage you to keep reading…


For those of you who don’t know, I consider passive income as income that is generated automatically without any additional work on your part.  I specialize in teaching folks like you how to set up reliable, predictable, and duplicable sales funnels that can produce income over and over again on autopilot.  And I’ll show you how to produce this income without recruiting anyone!

I want your business to be an automated profit producing machine!  I actually like to call these machines “Passive Income Assets.”  See all the gears and diamond plate on my site…that was on purpose.  My strategy is all about taking a proven model that many of the top producers online are using to see massive success with their businesses, and then show you my unique twist to automate the entire process.  I’m going to show you how to duplicate yourself, which will free up more of your time to do other things you enjoy…all while reaching more prospects, providing more value, and earning more money.


And once you learn this secret, you can begin to create as many of these Passive Income Assets as you want…it’s up to you how many you want to have.


With all the advancements in technology and automation, I’m ready to spill the beans and share with you what I believe to be the HOLY GRAIL OF BUSINESS BUILDING STRATEGIES to help you start earning passive income quickly no matter what business you are in.  Whether you are a seasoned veteran just looking to improve your existing business, or someone who has been around the block but can’t seem to figure it out, or even a complete newbie starting out out from scratch…I’m positive this strategy can work for you.  And I’m going to prove it to you…


I’m not sure if you found this site by accident, or if you are actively looking to generate some extra income from home.  Either way, I’m glad you are here…I can help you.

Maybe you are new to this whole internet thing, and you are just looking for some advice on where to start.  Or maybe you have been at it for a while, but have failed miserably (myself included many years ago) because most programs REQUIRE you to recruit some people BEFORE you will make any money.  Or maybe you are seasoned veteran, but you are burned out on all of the problems with building a downline…phone calls, prospecting, lack of duplication, members dropping out, etc.

Whatever your situation may be, if you are looking to make some extra money online, I can absolutely help you start earning a passive income starting today.  I will share with you exactly how you can do it yourself, but f
irst, I want to tell you a little about myself and my family….my wife Annette, my son Brayden, my daughter Marisa, my dog Abby, and we have some fish too. :)

Here are some pics of my family:



My wife Annette and I have been married for over 10 years now.  We live in the California East Bay, about 30 mins from San Francisco.


My wife is a registered CPA, and is also able to work from home completing jobs for various clients.  We enjoy an incredible sense of security and peace of mind knowing we have created MULTIPLE streams of passive income, so if anything should happen to one or two of them, it’s no big deal because I use a marketing strategy that can be easily applied to pretty much any product, service, biz opp or affiliate that I wish to participate in.

I love the water!  If you can’t get a hold of me on the weekend, there is a good chance I’m out on our boat with our friends and family.  I love wakeboarding, air chairing, and the occasional beating on the tube.

I believe there is no better way to get to know someone than to see pictures of them doing what they love to do.  Here are some pics of my friends and I hanging out on our boat and a couple of me catching a little air on my air chair and wakeboard.



I was extremely lucky as a kid to be able to spend my summers at my Grandfather’s resort at Clear Lake.  My “job” was to take customers water skiing during the day and take them for a sail on the hobbie cat when the wind picked up.

Looking back on it now, I realize how fortunate I was to be able to have a place like that to live for a couple months every year.  I have so many wonderful memories of the resort with family and friends, and most of them involve a boat or the water.

Luckily, my parents have now moved to a house on the water as well.  My wife (girlfriend at the time) and I decided to buy a boat right after my parents moved into their new pad.  I knew Annette was a keeper since she was just as excited as I was to buy a new boat before we we’re even engaged or bought a house.

Now with our two kids, they will both be able to experience all the great things about going out on the boat that I did as a kid.  I can’t wait to get Brayden water skiing this summer!  He’s always talking about swimming at my parent’s place.  The summers are always a lot of fun for him.

I moved to Danville, CA. (about 10 mins from where I live now) when I was about 2 years old.  I have two wonderful parents (Terry and Dianne) and an older sister (Shawna).

I was a sports nut growing up.  I played baseball and soccer from about 8 yrs old all the way through high school.  Soccer was my favorite.  A couple buddies of mine and I coached under 12’s when we were in high school for 3 years which was a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed hanging out with those kids and teaching them how to get better.  I’m now having a blast being able to coach both of my kid’s various sports teams.

I’m still a sports nut, and have been playing in an adult coed soccer team the last couple years.  I’m a loyal supporter of the bay area teams…Warriors (my favorite), A’s, Raiders, and SF Giants.  I don’t like the 49er’s much, but that is mostly my dad’s fault since I grew up with him being a Rams fan.  So, of course, we had to root against the niners.  Sports Center is my favorite show.

I went to college at Sonoma State University and graduated with a BS in Business and minored in Marketing…I guess I’m finally putting that marketing part of my diploma to good use..:)

Soon after graduating, I moved in with some buddies back in Danville and took a job as a bartender while looking for a full time gig.  I worked at a Mom & Pop pizza place all through high school, and once I got back into town, they happened to be looking for a Sunday bartender.  I worked every Sunday until June 06…I promised myself that I would quit once Brayden was walking.  I wanted to be hanging out at the park with him and not behind a bar.

I finally got hired at a software company soon after taking the bartending job.  It worked out pretty good since I had the full time gig Mon-Fri, and I wasn’t usually doing much on Sunday nights anyway since I had to work the next day.  So bartending on Sundays worked perfectly into my schedule.  Plus, it was a pretty sweet gig…I got paid to watch sports and drink a few beers while hanging out with my friends.

At the software company, I worked in a call center for almost 10 years.  Man how time flies.  I really liked that job at first…worked about 6 hr days, could wear shorts and t-shirts, company parties all the time, fun co-workers, free sodas, free bagels, etc.

But after a few years, some layoffs began and buddies were getting walked out of the building.  Soon after that, our company got bought out, and we were all told on a Friday that we would receive a UPS letter in the mail the next day telling us if we still had a job or not…this unfortunately probably sounds familiar to many of you reading this.

Well I received my letter and still had my job, but I knew this was not what I wanted to be doing the rest of my life.  At this time, I was already several years into my trial and error with internet opportunities.  Sure I didn’t like my job, but it was paying the bills while I was working on the internet at night, in my spare time, knowing that eventually I’d be working on the internet full time.  Since my job security was shaky at best, I knew I couldn’t count on any corporation to support myself and my family.  I’m sure many of you are probably in the same boat or you probably wouldn’t be here reading this right now.

I just knew that if I kept at it, there was no way I could fail unless I quit…and quitting was not an option.  I’m making several thousands dollars in passive income now, and I’ll get into all the details regarding what I do to make this money in a minute.

Check out my new ride that I inherited several years ago from my Grandfather:



This is a 1914 Model T.  I finally got her started in April 08.  She had been sitting in my Grandfather’s garage for about 7 years, and about 2 years in mine.  I didn’t know anything about how to drive this thing or how to work on the engine.  It’s not like you can take this down to the local mechanic and get a tune up.


A couple years ago, I was washing the T out in front of my house.  As fate would have it, my neighbor Tom (1 court over) saw the T and drove over to introduce himself.  He has a 1921 T which looks pretty much exactly like this one.  His fenders are rounded instead of flat like mine.  Other than that, they look almost identical.  He knows all about these cars!

I was stoked!!  He came over several times and hooked me up helping me get her running again.  He was able to teach me how to drive it.  The throttle is like a turn signal in cars today, and reverse is a separate foot pedal, so driving this is definitely not as simple as you might think.  I took her out for my first cruise with my dad around the beginning of April.

This thing is a blast to drive!  People are honking and waving…it is a real head turner.  There can’t be too many of these left, and especially not in as good of condition as this one.  I am very grateful to be able to keep this in the family.

I like to think of myself as pretty handy and creative when it comes to building stuff.  I didn’t realize I had this talent till we bought our first house.  Finally, all these ideas I’d had in my head for years could become reality.  I seem to specialize in outdoor improvements, but I’ve also dabbled in wood working.

I built this waterfall out of wet concrete and mortor from scratch…those aren’t rocks.  I mixed up the concrete in a wheel barrel, then poured it out on the ground, and molded it with a trowel into the shapes you see.  Once I had the look I wanted, I just coated it with a layer of mortor, and then textured and painted it.  I’d always wanted a waterfall in my back yard, but just never had a backyard, at least one that I owned.

My coolest creation is this kegerator.  It recently won 1st place in a nation wide custom kegerator contest.  I can literally say I have the best customer kegerator in the country, and I wouldn’t be lieing!  I brew my own beer and needed something to keep the kegs cold (more on this later).  There is nothing like having 5 beers on tap in your kitchen!!  Here are some more pics….keg drawer, inside, pint glass display.  This is the envy of all my friends…I absolutely love this thing!!

A close second, as far as coolness goes, is my son’s train bed.  Man that was a pain in my rear end, but now Brayden has an awesome bed that he absolutely loves!  I was sending out a weekly update on the status of this bed to some friends.   They found the “gorilla glue” incident pretty funny.  That stuff is the real deal…that warning on the back about wearing gloves is legit.  You have been warned…:)


About two years later, I made Marisa a castle bed.  You can read all about it here.  It turned out sweet!  She loves it!!

It is such a cool feeling for me to take an idea in my head and turn it into something real.  I’m a huge believer in the quote below:



“If you can see it in your head, you can hold it in your hand”

This quote isn’t just about building something, but it holds true for anything you want…a new house, a better job, more income, etc.  It can be whatever you want.  If you think about something, believe that it is possible, decide there is nothing that can stop you from obtaining it, and take massive action, there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

I’ve been involved with various online opportunities since 1995, mostly within the network marketing and direct sales industry.  I’ve lost lots of money in biz opps, affiliate programs, google adwords, monthly autoships, mlm…the list goes on and on.

Network Marketing can be difficult without the proper knowledge and guidance.  Building a traditional MLM REQUIRES you to build a huge downline BEFORE you begin to receive the nice residual income.  Most people do not currently know how to recruit effectively though.  They want the residual income, yet aren’t good at building their downlines.  Hmmm, what is a person to do??

In recent years, I’ve branched off into more passive income strategies which makes recruiting OPTIONAL, and is NOT required to start earning some income.  I’m going to show you a 4 Step Top Earner Model you MUST be using in your business or you are probably struggling.  This is the same 4 Step Model almost every top producer in the industry follows.

My strategy has taken all of the negative issues around building a downline to make money, and tossed them out the window.  Now that building downlines are completely optional to make money, you now have a legitimate way to make a substantial income online even if
you currently aren’t as good of a recruiter as you would like.

I’m going to show you that by following this 4 Step Proven Model, and following the steps in order, you will actually recruit more people than you ever imagined!  Yet this will happen on the backend and WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL EFFORT ON YOUR PART!

Most people are trying to build their business completely wrong!  This isn’t about trying to reinvent the wheel.  This is about understanding a proven model that works, and then applying it to your specific business.  Whatever your dream business happens to be…selling a dog training course, selling a weight loss product, teaching folks how to generate leads…whatever it is, my strategy will work for just about anything.  Once you learn the secrets, creating passive income on autopilot becomes easy AND duplicable.

Again, I’ll tell you more about what I’m doing in just a minute.  First, let me explain a little about my online history and how I got to this website you are reading right now.

My first website was more of a one-stop-shop type of website.  I had everything under the sun…camping equipment, furniture, bicycles, electronics, tools, cameras, etc.  My thinking back in the day was something like…if I have a ton of stuff, then I have a better chance of having an item that one of my visitors would be interested in purchasing.

I quickly learned that this strategy will soon lead you down the path of failure.  It is much better to focus in on one specific area, and then advertise to people interested in that one type of product.  If you try to sell everything to everyone, you will be setting yourself
up to sell nothing to no one.

I made a few sales here and there, but I learned another valuable lesson with this site…you should be passionate about whatever you are promoting online.  If you don’t really know your product and don’t truly believe or use what you are promoting, then it will easily come across on your website, marketing, webinar, etc.  So NEVER get started with a product or service to earn money if you don’t like the product!!

I didn’t know much about all the dozens of bikes on my site.  I hardly ever went camping, but I had lots of tents for sale.  I didn’t know much about any of the products on my site, but I had a good supplier who would dropship all of these products for me.  I would just send him the orders, and he would ship them out to my customers.  It was easy, and it worked for a little while.

I quickly lost interest in this site though, and wanted to come up with something else that I really enjoyed.  I knew I liked making beer, and at the time, I had just finished making my first kegerator (this was what it looked like before I built the nice cabinet around it).  I was getting such a good response from people seeing this for the first time that I decided to build a site about kegerators.

Over 12 years ago, I built  I’ve recently overhauled the site.  I gave it a completely new look and changed the name to  I still run this site today.  The site is geared towards a younger crowd, mostly college students, and anyone else who likes beer.  It’s a lot of fun keeping in touch with younger folks, and anyone else looking for some cool beer gadgets.  This site is going after a specific target market, and specializes in beer related products.  By focusing your site around something specific, and truly believing in your product, you will have a much better chance of succeeding online.

My biggest problem with is that none of my products are disposable.  If someone buys a beer disguise or a beer can handle from me, they probably aren’t going to need another one.  So I am constantly needing to find new customers in order to continue to make more sales…zero residual income.

It was around the beginning of 2006 that I started getting more involved with the idea of a passive income strategy.  What could I do where I put in some hard work in the beginning to get it started, yet that initial effort would allow me to sit back and earn residual income month after month without much (if any) additional work on my part.

How many of you would get paid from your current job if you decided to not show up for a couple months?  You definitely wouldn’t be getting paid, and you would probably get fired right?  Residual, passive income is delivered to you month after month, many times, without you doing anything. 


I opened up 3 different versions of this website since March 2007 teaching folks how learn more about residual, passive income strategies.  My first site looked ok, but it definitely wasn’t what I had visualized it to be in my head.  I gave the site a more professional look in March 2008, and changed everything to in 2011, and then upgraded it in Feb 2015 to what you see now.


Another lesson I have learned over the years, is that whatever you set out to do will probably never be perfect the first go around.  I knew my site wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned in the beginning, but I built something that was out there working for me that I could always improve upon and make better over time.  I’m on my 4th revision now and constantly looking for ways to make it better.  It’s a never ending process.


I know I struggled big time with this when I was first starting out.  Just know that the stars will never be in perfect alignment, and nothing will ever be without some issues.  So my point is that it is OK to get something started that isn’t as perfect as you may have hoped.  Don’t go for perfection as you will never find it.  What is important is that you take action and create something that you can continue to improve upon.  I forget where I saw this, but I’ve always remembered what Mike Dillard once wrote about starting your business:



“The most important thing is to just get it going!”




I love helping people finally understand better techniques and strategies when it comes to growing and marketing a business.  I get so angry and irritated with all the scams and bogus programs and lies out there.  I know, I’ve lost money in more of those than I care to remember.

I didn’t have a mentor or someone to talk to and give me advice regarding what to watch out for.  I am willing to share with you everything I know to help you get started in the right direction through proven models.

There is nothing special about what I do or what I’ve accomplished.  I just keep an open mind and try lots of things.  Some work, some don’t.  I always tell myself, if you aren’t failing, then you aren’t trying.  And if you aren’t trying, tomorrow is going to be the same as today.


Failures just mean you are trying.


Show me someone who never fails, and I’ll show you a person who never does ANYTHING to improve their current situation. 


That same person probably complains that they hate their job, and they don’t make enough money, etc.  And a year later, after doing absolutely nothing to make things better, they wonder why they are still where they are at.

It’s OK to fail.  Failures help develop us into the people we are today.  Failures just let us know what not to do and allow us to make changes to improve for the next time.


You need to take responsibility for your own situation.  Understand that if you don’t like where you are going, then you need to make some changes.  Nothing changes if you don’t change yourself.


If you don’t like your job, then what are you going to go about it?


If you want to make more money, then how are you going to do it?


I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve failed trying to make income online.  But the key is that I didn’t let that stop me.  I made a decision a long time ago that I did not want to be a customer service rep the rest of my life.  I hated that job, and took progressive action to make sure I was always moving forward towards my goal of being self employeed.


“The only thing holding you back right now is your
awareness of what you are capable of.”

Look over that sentence again, and let it sink in.  If you want a better job, or you want to make more money, or you want to spend more time with your family, you absolutely can do that.  But you can’t just sit there and think about it or dream about it.  You have to make a decision, and then, most importantly, you have to act on that decision.


I tried to think of something I could do every day to get me one step closer to obtaining my goal of being self employed.  No matter what your goals are in life, you can’t get there without taking that first step forward.  The more steps you take daily (taking action), the closer you will get to your goal.


You need to take those action steps forward, even if they are little ones.  As long as you are doing something, then you will continue to move forward.  But if you aren’t moving forward, you are standing still.  Doing small things daily, can make a huge difference in your life several months down the road.


So get out there and do SOMETHING, as you will be amazed with what you can accomplish when you stay consistent and never ever quit.

People who know me will say I am an extremely easy going, down to earth type of guy.  I will tell you like it is, get to the point, and give you tons of beneficial information.  I’ll share with you what I know works.


“Success is not counted by how high you’ve climbed,
but by how many people you brought with you.”


My personal goal and business mission is to help others to finally start making money online and achieve their financial dreams.

But don’t just take my word for it, read what other people are saying…




“I love passive income since I am not a good sponsor and cannot recruit people to new programs.  Ryan gives me all the right info of such strategies.  I appreciate the concise, fresh, thorough quality of your content. I value most your willingness to share what you know with others. Once again, I REALLY value the research you put into your site…Ryan, you really should be appreciated for your efforts, and in the process separate the lookie-loo’s from the doers! Doing so would really take you to the next level, and GOD bless you and your family .”

Subbiah – Qatar, Gulf



“I just wanted to tell you out of all the people who are leaders in the passive income game I have learned the most from you. You have put me on the road to success.”

Thank you!
Dwayne M.


“I must say in this uncertain world of net incomes you are a shining light torch to guide us through some real goodies.I appreciate and read with keen interest your evaluation and recommendations of good programs and do not hesitate to join”

Thanks for everything,
Anilbhai D.


“Thanks Ryan. You are proof that my dream of making a full time income from the Internet can become a reality. Thanks for your inspiration…seeing what you are doing helps me to keep believing and keep moving steadily towards my goal”

Wayne B.
New York




I’m excited to get out of bed in the morning and enjoy working late into the night, simply out of love for what I’m doing, and that is helping others in any way that I can.  If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Over many years of marketing online, through websites and emails, I’ve found that it’s pretty hard to know who is trying to make a quick buck from you or who is truly trying to help you when it comes to getting involved in some sort of business opportunity. 

There are tons of scams and sites online that will take your money and rip you off.  It’s happened to me many times over, but I kept at it.  I knew every failure was getting me one step closer to something that worked.  I’ve gained a lot of valuable information over the years.  It’s been pretty costly for me (well into 5 figures), but now I want to give back and try to keep you from making the same mistakes I’ve made. 

I know I always do business with people I like and trust and find credible.   I bet you do the same.  I want to be able to connect and identify with you in some small way, and build a relationship with you.  I’m not here to make a quick profit from you and then never talk to you again.  I want you to be someone I can work with for years to come.

I want to get you pointed in the right direction so that you can finally realize that it IS possible for you to succeed online.

Before we get into the details of what I actually do online, if you are the type of person who hates cold calling, doing meetings, or chasing friends and family, then I have some good news for you…

This is what I do NOT do to build my online business:

  • I do NOT cold call strangers.
  • I do NOT make a list of friends and family to try to sell my business to.
  • I do NOT do house parties.
  • I do NOT spam people.
  • I do NOT do traditional sales
  • I do NOT do live presentations.
  • I do NOT stock my closet full of products.
  • I do NOT hold meetings.
  • I do NOT put flyers around town

Here is what I DO:

I only work with people who have sought me out first.  They already know a little bit about me and know I am serious about their success.  I can show you exactly how I do it if you are interested.

I’m not advertising some affiliate page that thousands of other people are also advertising.  This is the only website you will ever see with this information because it is about me.  You have to stand out!  I will show you how.

I never deal with rejection.  If someone checks out my site and doesn’t like what they see, they will leave and I won’t even know about it.  That is how I designed it.  My strategy sorts out my prospects for me on autopilot.  I only speak to people who want to speak with me first…how cool is that?

This is a very personal name-branding website.  I built it so that you can get to know me and begin to build trust with me automatically.

Click HERE to learn exactly how I run my business, step-by-step, and how you can begin to compete exactly like the top marketers on the planet immediately!

I found out long ago that you can’t better yourself if you don’t challenge yourself.

Some of the strategies on my site you may
have never heard of or don’t understand how they work…and that is perfectly ok.  I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and keep an open mind.  Try thinking out of the box and try some new things.

“To get what you’ve never had,
you must do what you’ve never done.”


Let me be your mentor.  Doesn’t it make sense to find someone who is already successful and already doing what you want to be doing, and then just copy what they are doing?  A mentor can make the difference between success and failure.  I would have saved thousands of dollars over the last 10 years if I wasn’t trying to go about making money online by myself all those years.

Let me share with you what I know.  I would love the opportunity to work with you one-on-one and help you to finally begin making money online starting today.

If you want to start building your future with proven models that (almost) all the top dog marketers use with their businesses, then I want to be the first to congratulate you on your decision.  That is truly the first step.


Thank you for taking the time to read this far and learn a little bit more about myself and my family.  Whether we end up working together or not, I truly hope you are successful in whatever you choose to pursue.


Have a good one!


Ryan Bevers


Call me anytime, I’d be happy to talk with you and answer any of your questions.  No matter whether it is about how I built that train bed, or a good beer recipe, or how to earn some passive income on autopilot, I’d be happy to help in any way that I can.


PS…if you are ever in the East Bay/Delta area during the summer, and want to give that air chair a try, give me a call and let’s go riding!

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